Perspectives from a French doggie

Three year old MurphyPedro is bilingual, French and English (with an accent); Holds French citizenship; and as a French country dog…was rescued by American parents living in France. His antics dealing with the different cultures and expectations are hilarious.

In the tiny farming village of Rimons, France lives a doggie of very sophisticated French tastes. He shops for the finest in ingredients for his evening meals; selects the safest and most fun toys and often can be seen sporting a fashionable winter, rain coat or cool bandanas, yes Murphy is a trend setter. Murphy is also very brave – he kills any bug (not bees) and once attacked the large skin of a snake to save us. To get past his ferocious gate welcome, he suggests treats (high quality duck or chicken) as an entrance fee. Bribery you say, well yes, maybe, however he is responsible for security and we try not to interfere. He has a funny sense of humour and fully expects belly rubs from his family and anyone who visits (once past the gate that is). In this BLOG you may hear about some of Murphy’s friends…so let’s introduce them now. There is Cooper, he lives in California with Steve . And Dexter and Tilly, they live 5 minutes from us, Tilly used to be Murphy’s girlfriend, but her parents are very strict. Then there is Jazz, so cute – she visits when Matteo comes over. There are 5 beautiful girl dogs next door but they are scary. They hang together all the time – beware of a pack of girls. There are chicken and geese next door too, but Murphy mainly wants to chase them and bite. Darn the fence. And horses too, He barks at them all the time and they are afraid of him…so he says. This is where Murphy’s story begins. From here it’s all Murphy, so we will step away. Much love, Murphy’s Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

Why You’ll Love Murphy

I help you to remember what is important in life….the small things that matter.

  • Being Kind
  • Helping each other
  • Loyalty matters
  • Licks are kisses
  • Every doggie is equally loveable

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Beautiful eyes and so much charm

Gerald Grese He needs his own tv series

Lydia Faiella Look at that adorable face!!!

Milud Khaddar Looking good Murph… Can you try to behave.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

You make my day

Thomas Joseph Ernster
 Murphy, you’re a riot!!!!! ❤️

Thomas Joseph Ernster So BEAUTIFUL, you dear little soul!! ❤️ you so much!!!!! 😃👍

Ondine Desert Here comes Murphy the king 🎀

Try our treats (much more to come)

My Favourite Recipes

Love MurphyPedro

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