Healthy Livin and Murphy suggestions too.

Dog skin and coat care.

What should doggies eat to help our skin and keep our fur soft and gorgeous.

Soin de la peau et du pelage du chien.

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Chia – Graines de chia

Chia seeds are a rich source of B vitamins, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, protein and zinc, and they’re packed with antioxidants too. They contain lots of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a plant-based form of Omega 3s. They are gluten free. Chia nourishes skin from the inside out, because its high levels of Omega 3 help combat chronic skin inflammation.

Eggs – Des œufs

Eggs are nutritional powerhouses, containing the most bioavailable protein. They’re like a one-ingredient recipe for great skin and coats. Many consider eggs the number one food for hair, giving it strength and luster. Eggs contain lutein, which helps keep skin well hydrated and plays an important role in tissue repair. The zinc in eggs also supports skin health and shiny hair. Egg yolks are a valuable source of biotin, a B vitamin sometimes referred to as vitamin H or vitamin B7, which helps promote healthy skin and coats; hair loss, skin irritation, lesions and fungus can be the result of a biotin deficiency. Biotin/vitamin H can be effective in treating allergic reactions and skin conditions. Eggs contain vitamin A, which helps repair cell damage and keeps skin healthy and coats glowing.

Almonds – Amandes

Almonds contain the entire vitamin E family, tocopherols and tocotrienols — alpha-tocopherol is one of the keys to healthy skin and hair. Almonds are also an excellent source of B vitamins, copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc and bioflavonoids, and offer a trace amount of Omega 3 fatty acids.  Since almonds have a high fat content, it is important to store them in a cool place, away from sunlight; better yet, you can store them in the refrigerator for several months, or in the freezer for up to a year.

Coconut – Noix de coco

Organic and unsweetened, is the perfect sprinkle for your dog’s food and great for making treats. Give coconut chips a try too. Coconut contains medium-chain saturated fats, which are transformed into energy and contain special properties that act as anti-inflammatory agents to decrease bacterial growth, irritation and inflammation in the body. According to Washington State’s Bastyr University of Natural Sciences, eating raw coconut can reduce the severity of bacterial and inflammatory skin conditions. 

Carob – Caroube

Carob is rich in natural sugars and contains all the principal vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, silica, vitamins A, B1, B2, niacin, and protein. Carob is considered an ideal “survival food” because it requires no preparation, lasts a long time, and has no special storage requirements. It does not contain the caffeine and theobromine found in chocolate, so is perfectly safe for dogs. Its vitamin E supports skin health, and it has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Oats – L’avoine

Oats are a strength-giving cereal. They are low in starch and high in mineral content, especially potassium and phosphorus. Oats also contain calcium, magnesium, the B vitamins and iron. They support healthy skin and hair; one of the key ways they do this is by supporting your dog’s gastrointestinal system and helping remove toxins from the body.

Liver – foie

Liver from grass-fed animals provides a perfect punch for enhanced skin health.  Nutrients include calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D and E, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid and biotin. Try chicken livers for a flavorful boost of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids.

Wild salmon – Saumon sauvage

Wild salmon, cooked, not raw, is one of the very best sources of Omega 3s. It provides selenium too. Studies that have focused on the protein and amino acid content of wild salmon revealed that small bioactive protein molecules called bioactive peptides, and one in particular, calcitonin, have significant potential health benefits. The human form of calcitonin, made by the thyroid gland, helps regulate and stabilize the balance of collagen and minerals in bone and surrounding tissue.

Cranberries – Canneberges

Cranberries have been used historically to treat a variety of ailments, from rheumatoid disorders, scurvy and fever, to skin wounds and eczema. Cranberries contain a variety of bioactive components, including antioxidant proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins and ellagic acid. Anthocyanins are the pigments that give cranberries their rich red color and have been found to have the strongest antioxidant power of 150 flavonoids tested, even moreso than vitamin E. Anthocyanins have an anti-inflammatory action, and can even help lessen allergic reactions in dogs.

Sweet potatoes – Patates douces

Sweet potatoes are considered a super food for skin. They contain a high level of vitamin A and beta-carotene, and are a great source of vitamin E. Sweet potatoes also contain calcium, iron, folate, potassium, copper and thiamine. The vitamin C in sweet potatoes helps accelerate healing and support collagen production.

Article credit: to Dr. Suzi Beber, Honouris Causa -July 1, 2020

No one ask Murphy what I suggest for healthy doggie, but I say we eat meat. And dad agree, he eat too and I think Uncle Johnny. Mom say read again, no hotdog on the list above. Mom no fun, ok sometimes fun when she have Pupachino for me.

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Next, we must all remember the correct way to stay healthy….and safe.

I want to share info on Anatomy cause today learning day, like homeschool. I have homeschool and learn sit, high five, down, stay, toy, and lots of good learning, I am Ph.D., in Doggie and Boss of Security. I teach too – teach Mom throw ball, never expect return. Give treats when I make sad face, it works, hoomans, so well trained.

Frens, I need rest now….this homeschool make me tired and hungry. Play outside now. Luv you and say….goodbye for today, Love Murphy

Howdy Frens

Hello my frens, I know its been a long time since I have written, we have been sooooo busy, and I have missed you all.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021. This is going to be an awesome year for sure.


For starters, Mom and Dad adopted a puppy 2 months ago, I think you know already and named him Charlie Taco. Like me, he is a rescue and while the transition has not been easy on me (and Charlie, I suppose) – we figured it out, I AM THE BOSS OF HIM. He is fun to play with and I can blame stuff on him, Tee Hee.


We celebrated Christmas and had a super time, even if we had curfews in France where we live. It was cosy and we were together and that is Chrismassy. And there was special food, our stockings were full and we had presents from Santa Claus too. Us doggies were both good boys (sort of). We gave Dad socks as our gift and he loved them. The socks looked just like us. LOL

I guess Charlie Taco can stay, Mom and Dad love me just as much (probably more) because I behave myself better. Charlie is naughty a lot – I have to cover for him sometimes. When he digs too much I just put the dirt back in the hole or back kick some leaves in it. He is my brother afterall.


There has been this COVID, not quite sure what this is, but I know its not good and we all have to stay home. At first I thought it was fun but it has cut into my doggie social life and that is sad. Mom and Dad look like bandits whenever they go out and they too miss visiting friends and family. They say staying home, it’s the right thing to do and we must always do the right thing. I agree! But did you know pets can get it too????? We know because me and Charlie got the Coronavirus and were plenty sick. We have 2 dyas left of meds and we are all better, but let me tell you the story. This is us, sick.

Charlie was sick first, barfing, then not wanting to eat anything, fever, sneazing, eye infection, diarea (sorry to mention) and tired. At first Mom and Dad thought he ate something bad, cause Charlie eats everything. Mom had to take a live snail out of his mouth this week with shell; and a piece of styrafoam covered in mud. Not to mention the neighbors chicken who got into our yard, well that was actually fun to chase, but dad rescued the chicken minus a few feathers.

But when both of us had the same sick…they said ok, we need the Vet. Murphy had to stay at the Vet with an IV and sedatives, Mom and Dad were very worried, Charlie did not have it as bad and could go home. Finally, I could come home too and we both had 4 medicines for 7 days to feel better. Here is some info for you…

President Macron is going to talk to all of us on Wednesday and it sounds like from what Mom says, we may have another lockdown coming very soon. This will be the third and its hard, but important so everyone can get better or not get sick at all.


Grandad had his birthday in January and we sent him a doggie decorated cup from us for his morning coffee. Charlie and I picked it out special. Mom and Dad sent him a present too, but I think he really liked our cup. And Dad has his birthday in early February…its still a surprise, except one gift. Mom bought Dad a big box of cheese from Italy that he likes a lot, and some olive oils, and other stuff – he likes to cook – and he was so happy. It was an early present cause, well, it’s cheese and he would smell it like we did. She even ordered a very special cheese only made by Italian RED COWS…so funny.


So, while we have been home, Mom took up pottery…it may not be her talent. But we try to say nice things because she does try so hard. I think its a bowl, looking at me? I growl when I walk past it.

Mom finally decided, she might try something else. Last year it was lamp shades (Yep, we have those upstairs hidden someplace). She did try a wreath making class and that came out very nice. One out of three, Okay. Let’s not pick on Mom too much, she controls treats. OH MOM, WE LOVE YOUR POTTERY. Charlie, stop laughing.

OH, and there is a picture of Granddad from when he was living in France. We miss him a lot. Because of dumb COVID he cannot visit us, and that makes us sad. As soon as everyone has the vaccine, he is coming for sure. HOORAY

I wanted to leave you with one more thought before I close today and I hope its helpful. Love Murphy Pedro

Catchin Up with Frens

Hello Frens,

It’s been a long time since my last post – we have been super busy going places, working in our garden, preparing for fall, and planning my 4th birthday coming up on Oct 1, 2020. Mom says, I am a big boy now and I am getting a big boy present for my birthday this year, no idea what that could be, a motorcycle maybe?

Well, let’s catch up…..Let’s see, Mom prepared the apples and figs for the winter and now they are frozen. Dad made all the tomato sauce and peppers and they are ready for winter too…I notice people can be a little bit like squirrels tucking things away. The garden is still going strong with radish and spinach, and other bleck stuff. Last night they tried to sneak little green balls into my food dish but I found the chimkem ate just that part. My friend Mehran has become a home carpenter and made lots of shelves for his house…Dad is learning too.

Boo Boo and his Dad Johnny came over for a BBQ and we had a great time – we all miss Ashley, working in Canada with giant bears – BRAVE. But she is coming home soon HOORAY! Johnny loves the small tomatos and eats them while picking LOL.

I steal stuff from the shed and make MOM chase me ahahahaha, Mom looks funny. And of course all that running around makes me sleepy. NAPs are essential.

Guess what, Johnny picked me up and put me in the shallow end of the pool (first time ever in pool) and I swam to Mom at the stairs like a hero. Do it again….yep, I can swim. OK 2 times enough, not love water but Mom is so happy I can swim and know how to get out of pool incase of accident…no worry. I am a big boy now, almost 4.

So the big news is Mom and Dad told me they would like to adopt a rescue companion for me – I was so happy, what are we getting, a Llama? Love Llamas. How about a baby goat…no, no, a baby elephant, FUN.

But noooooooooooooo, they want to adopt another dog. Cannot understand, we have a dog already, me. Will be silly to have more – maybe not like. Unless, could be a nice small girl, hmmmmm maybe okay. They say, I am dog boss and can meet first and help decide. WHEN? Still looking for just the right one. Not easy.

I have been so many places since we spoke last, Mom and Dad take me with them every place they go if I am a good boy, mostly good, sometimes naughty…many markets in so many villages, favorite walk places, friends houses for dinner and friends houses to visit my doggie friends – always careful for safety and hoomans were masks like bandits. Good idea.

So much more but that is all for today.

Doggie Camp and Cognac

Dear Frens,

it’s been very busy at our house, and I want to tell you about the past few days cause I went to one of my favorite places and my hoomans went to a new place – then we met up and talked, talked , talked all about both our adventures and ate treats. So fun.

First my adventure…I got to go to my favorite doggie camp…its Jill and Jon’s house. Both are professionals with doggies and have won many awards at dog shows. Plus they have chicken and I spied some cats too but I can not get close to them to bite, darn it. They take care of doggies for local folks and I have doggie frens there and its like home. I bring my sleeptime bed and all the time, I sleep in the same cozy spot in the kitchen. I am clever, could be opportunity for snack. I follow Jon around kitchen, just in case. Dis my fren Jon.

They have big house, big garden and we go for walkies to the big pond and I run, run, run like the wind. Jon and Jill love me and always report to my hoomans that I have been very good boy, even if sometimes I am a little naughty, they never tell. I love them too. And the food there is super yummy. I stayed for two sleeps and had a lot of fun playing with all the doggies. Then my hoomans picked me up and I was happy to see them too and go home cause we had a small dinner party and our frens Didier, Ines, Ashkay, and Grandmere Desert came to visit – we ate BBQ lamb. Yummy.

I tell you now about my hoomans adventure, they visit a place called Cognac about 2 hours drive. Not good for doggies because I am underage for Cognac…LOL. They say, nice hotel and cute village with good food plus yummy wine and this drink called Cognac, only for grown ups.

My hoomans say they visit very authentic Cognac distillery and delicious, not for doggies. Da name is La Freres Moine. They bring home da bottles and friends taste, say yummy.

They had fun and me too and when we all came home we were happy. Sometimes even when you love very much it’s good to have a little break and then you understand how much love and grateful.

I wish all my frens are happy and safe, breath lots of fresh air, eat good food, run like the wind and remember, Murphy loves you.

I have a little secret, – something else happen in Cognac, but mom said too important and must dedicate special blog just for dis. So next week, we tell you about something VERY SPECIAL, cannot wait.

Love Murphy

Go for a WALK! Hooray

I need take the hoomans for walks, they need to get out and exersise, even if 35c outside. Could get vitamin D difficent or something, hmmm must ask good Fren Mehran for suppliment. We go early am, good for hooman to wake up when dark, drink coffee again and again, then when sun up, walk. Around our house there are so many cool things to visit, vineyards, giant hay rolls, forest and sometimes a pheasent. I chase.

There have been numerous studies on the benefits dog walking brings for hoomans, let me explain da benefits:

  • Boosts motivation to get some exercise, especially if you feel you’re doing it for your doggie. In fact, dog owners walk significantly more than people who don’t own dogs, 150.3 minutes versus 110.9 minutes per week.
  • Helps manage stress. Just being around a dog can lower your levels of cortisol, the human stress hormone.
  • Increases self-esteem. The companionship of our nonjudgmental and loving canine friends has several mental health benefits, including increasing our sense of self-esteem. We love you unconditionally…and stare at you all day.
  • Connects us with nature. While your dog is connecting with nature, so are you. If you put down your phone, pay attention to your surroundings, and get in touch with nature, it can increase your focus and well-being. Anecdotally, dog walking is useful for problem-solving and getting yourself “unstuck.” Dis is key…get off da phone and look around, unless you are reading my BLOG of course ; ) ruff ruff
  • Increases your sense of community. Dog walking is a great opportunity for socializing, for both you and your dog. Your dog gets to experience new people, surroundings, and other dogs. And you might find yourself chatting with other dog walkers or neighbors. See you can make new Frens too.
  • Alleviates boredom for both of you. Walking alone can feel lonely or even boring. And sitting alone in the yard isn’t too exciting for us doggies, either. A walk with an enthusiastic doggie is instant companionship. Us doggies can show you cool stuff, maybe you did not notice before and we can chat, but not while I am on a sniff.

Dog walking is packed with physical and mental health benefits, which alone should be enough reason to do it, A LOT. But most of all, hoomans enjoy it because da doggies enjoy it. Now, doesn’t that make you want to hook on the leash, go outside, and get happy? LOve Murphy

St. Emilion da place

Good afternoon Frens,

We went for a visit to St. Emilion, da famous wine country in France today and I thought you would like to join our adventure. There is so much to see, charming and eat good food, drink wine, well not me, but the hoomans do.

Saint-Émilion is a veritable outdoor museum, founded according to the legend by a modest hermit … a city full of history, perched on a rocky promontory, Saint-Emilion and its vineyard draw their originality from the limestone which offers an exceptional soil for vineyards.

A few reasons my hoomans love St. Emilion – the first vineyard registered by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, world famous wines, a gourmet destination, and the largest monolithic church in Europe! We imagined there would be few people with less tourist this year- normally, 1M people visit each year. There were lots of people enjoying the sunny day and all the beauty – and all wear mask like bandits inside shops, good idea. After delicious lunch, I ate chicken, yum, hoomans want to walk around and I enjoy see dogs and say hello.

We visit favorite place… go to Nicole TAPON, founded in 1794. Mom love this place and the owner is very nice to us everytime we visit. He is kind and generous. Wine is delicious. Mom likes that Chemical fertilizers are prohibited in Tapon wines and replaced by compost produced on the property, which, once spread in the soil of the vineyard, maintains its humus level and micro-biological balance. Natural. Mom buy wine.

The Tapon Philosophy….“We strive to locate the vine in its universe, that is to say: the earth, the animals and the stars from which it is influenced.”

Find at or call 05 57 74 61 20

Next shop we visit is completely different, Funny name for wine called BAD BOY and I confused and hurt feels when Mom kept saying these words until I understood, not me. And guess what they have BAD Girl wine too, not Mom, well, maybe sometimes – funny. I made a new fren too. Her name is Daphine at the shop for Chateau Valandraud. Call +33 6 61 95 85 50 and she is pretty and nice to dogs and people.

Bad Boy takes its name from the well earned moniker of Jean Luc, who is affectionately known as the Bad Boy of St. Emilion for marching to the beat of his own drummer. To illustrate that idea, in 2017, Jean Luc Thunevin began producing his first bottles of Bad Boy beer!
Read more at:

Jean Luc Thunevin also produces Baby Bad Boy, which is an entry level Bordeaux value wine. You have to admit, Jean Luc Thunevin makes wine fun.

Time for us to drive home…. and rest, very hot outside today. Tomorrow weatherman says 40c/104f, I think we stay home. Remember, careful with all doggies outside in heat. We need lots of water and shade please.

Big kiss to all my frens. Love Murphy

Trending in Haute Couture Dogwear, Interview with Murphy Pedro

Fashion magazine Interviewer: Murphy is definitely a fashionista with a wardrobe of winter coats, rain pullovers and colourful bandanas. Recently he went shopping for a new summer wardrobe. Murphy loves visiting stores, though these days except locally it’s challenging. So Murphy is shopping online and has been looking for the newest design trends and best quality clothes to look his best when entertaining friends. Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Murphy himself. Murphy, What is trending in Haute Couture Dogwear?

Hello, I am Murphy Pedro, shopping connoisseur

Murphy: Well with the hot weather this summer, I like light weight clothes, very fashionable and cool, like me. I have been looking at what is trending for doggies on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, the doggie fashion mags and talking to my doggie and Hooman Frens. Here are some of the trends out there…but remember, I do not follow trends, I lead.

Fashion magazine interviewer: Interesting Murphy, are these the styles you say are trending and we should look out for?

Murphy: No, not really, they are very nice, but I find they are remakes from past seasons. I have been looking for casual, high quality, stylish clothes, safe for doggies – until I happened upon Poopil Dogwalk, custom made doggie clothes, stylish, elegant and yes, luxurious. I found precisely what I want. This is the top trend to follow. Check them out…

Fashion magazine Interviewer: Poopil Dogwalk commented “We want to stand out, be extraordinary. We and our best four-legged friends are one. So why can’t we express each other’s outfit? We and our dogs! All our clothes are made to order and sewn with the best quality materials we import i.e. from Italy. We also order textiles from fashion designer’s factories such as Dolce & Gabbana, Iceberg, Marella, Dsquared2 etc., All our items are handmade, in many cases including also details (for example buttons). We put an emphasis on the dog’s safety so we use only​ hypoallergenic materials for the details and accessories (logos, labels etc.).” “Because for us the catwalk is a dogwalk.” DOGWALK by POOPIL.

check us out at the sites below. and and

Fashion magazine Interviewer: Murphy, as a fashionista, which would you say are your favorites trending from Poopil Dogwalk?

Murphy: Pictured above are my recent favorite styles – a mix of very hip, cool and a touch of classic for my wardrobe, but there is so much more to view. All doggie sizes are possible. The styles are new and fresh – unique and exciting. Something tailored, something special – haute couture. I love Poopil Dogwalk, they are Trending No. 1 for doggie clothes and much more.

For more information and and

Let me know if you have any questions or comments as I am always interested in what my fellow fashionistas think.

Sending love and licks to all my friends and followers, Murphy

Chateau de Lomenie lunch and Baa-aa-aad le mouton

Hello Frens,

Today, tell you very excitin adventure and dangerous story. My hoomans take me to lovely Chateau with so much to see… (I explore, many nice smells) who live in dis place? My fren Boo Boo and his hoomans.

Fren Boo Boo
And hoomans Ashley and Johnny too

Ashley, is Boo Boo Mom, make special chicken and rice for us doggies, I say YUM, eat fast and check out Boo Boo’s bowl, just see if he eat all. Frens cook delicious hooman food so tempting, I try some under table haha.

Must explain from start – we arrive and I run fast, upstairs to kiss Ashley, Johnny hello and smell Boo Boo, hmmm smell spicy. I run so fast, like superdog – I knock over expensive glass work of Johnny art (see pic below)….. but, my hooman catch quick, before break, and let out eeeeek sound, very funny. Mom not think funny. Made more bad in afternoon, not tell, embarrased and Mom gave timeout. I say sorry Boo Boo. Hooman frens give me love and pets and Mom forgive and me sooooo happy.

Dis fren Johnny , he super cool Dad of Boo Boo and greatest artist in da world. Alchimie by Johnny Darko Must go see…

Dis my hooman Dad – we met new frens Steve and…dis is his Angela (she pet me alot) from Mom says we will go on tandem bike ride with Steve and Angela in September – Tandems & Turrets I call shotgun, what that means?…and pic of Mom with fren Ashley in white short pants. Dey smell like flowers, make me sneeze.

Okay, now you have da scene….We move on to da dangerous adventure. Le mouton is da Baa-aa-aad one, I must report. I am security boss doggie.

Many sheep living in my frens place. Boo Boo say, baaaaaad sheep, no like. No worry my little fren, I am part Border Collie, I will herd da sheep. But le mouton notice me first, turn and give me dangerous, threatening stare, like BaaaaaaaK off NOW. I BARK BARK BARK, show who boss. ha ha ha

Hmmm we have stand off situation so must take ewe tactic, he is only boy and hav 8 girls…les filles m’aiment, I make frens with La brebis first; but did not anticipate Ewe difficult situation. She not like me bark, protect babies…Je suis dépassé, situation désormais dangereuse. They give me da butt, da stare, and make Baaaaa Baaaaaa sound like get out and de not understand I am da patron de sécurité. Da sheep LOVE Ashley and are very sweet with her.

I want herd but de run away or de give me death stare, me not scared, maybe a little. But Murphy brave and jump, give barks…Boo Boo bite woolly stuff…good boy Boo Boo.

Suddenly, de gang up, danger, danger (see below, Mouton roll eyes at me) and say hey, you baaaaaaad doggie…dis our house, I security boss here, not Murphy… could be french sheep gang leader, not sure. Bien sûr, be frens. En fait, ils sont très mignons.

I go back to hoomans, too hot outside, have snack and nap – not scared too much, but not stupid too. Le Mouton is security boss for Chateau outside and Boo Boo for inside. Good plan. Love Murphy and BOO BOO.

French Sheep Gang

Also see Murphy at:

Coming up….. Blog on fancy doggie clothes from Poopil Dogwear in Poland, is best in world, you see.

Champagne tastes and caviar dreams…

“Yes, but what about da dessert?”

Murphy Pedro

Dear Frens,

Murphy Loves Bonne et Filou Cookies

I hav ben busy searching for da best treats in da world. And after big adventure, the finest is of course, French BONNE ET FILOU. We all know da famous French macarons, so many flavors and delicious. What if doggies could have da same elegant cookie but made with healthy ingrediants for us doggies? Now you can! And is lovely gift too.

Filou, and his French/American hoomans have delicous cookie strawberry, mint, lavender, and more flavors, coming in August too. Ask your Hoomans buy for doogies please, J’adore! Need know more about healthy…ok. Hand made from hooman grade ingrediants. Hoomans can eat, please do not – you hav your own cookies, dis for us. More info…

Box of 6 macarons ☆ Handmade in small batches in the USA ☆ Premium human-grade, all-natural ingredients ☆ 100% natural, corn-free & wheat-free ingredients ☆ No artificial coloring or any preservatives ☆ Endorsed by vets ☆ 12+ months shelf life ☆ No need for refrigeration ☆Hard treat designed for along-lasting chew ☆ All dog sizes & breeds

The packaging is so beautiful too
Delicious, for moi, Strawberry

Murphy says, “we love da cookies and want Mom to order NOW,” and to give presents and maybe all Moms like to order too for doggies. Qu’est-ce que tu penses? Écrivez vos commentaires et faites-le nous savoir.

Where to find? Simple…

Murphy is French connoisseur, bien sûr

Bonne et Filou is the first French luxury brand that treats your dog as Royalty!

Murphy says….all doggies are special and deserve to be treated royal. We give you licks and unconditional love, many snuggles and try to behave.

Give a try…ask a question…leave a comment, we want know what you think.

Sweet weekend to all my Frens, and to Nico too…Nico is new Fren – he is French man and came up with this good idea.

Love Murphy

Introducing our new fren SOPHIE GAMAND

Photographer / Animal Advocate / SOPHIE GAMAND

SOPHIE GAMAND· My dream was to rebrand shelter dogs through beautiful, fun portraits. Since 2011, I have been volunteering my photography to shelters and rescues around the country. In the process, I have assisted over 1,500 dogs on their way home, and helped nonprofits raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. My most known project is Pit Bull Flower Power, a series of shelter pit bulls wearing flower crowns. I started the project in 2014, and published a large coffee table book in 2018. The book contains over 250 of these portraits, and many stories of these dogs. If you would like to support Sophie’s work, you can also join her Patreon (

Murphy – We like Sophie a lot and we support her efforts, she has Murphy’s luxury seal of approval. She is French from Lyon, now living in New York and using her amazing talent to help shelter dogs to be adopted, like me. Her ideas are beautiful, her heart is huge, she is very talented, thoughtful and she has wonderful products you will definitely wish to view on her site. Sophie has agreed for me to share with you some of her work below. We think you will be charmed by all that Sophie is doing…and she is so French. Sophie can be seen on our widget as well. Love Murphy

We wish all a beautiful day. Love Murphy